Ford Collaborates With Escape the Room Designer Victor Blake for Unprecedented Gaming Experience

Escape the Room NYC is a type of experiential gaming, that takes a classic video game archetype and creates it in real life. The common thread in all escape-the-room type games is a locked room which the player must break out of by finding clues in their environment.

This year will be a little bit different. The venue is about 50 times larger than usual, says Escape the Room NYC creator Victor Blake, to accommodate the fact that will be a driven course featuring the aptly-named Ford Escape.

"Ford asked if I'd be up for integrating the new Escape into an Escape the Room game, and the end result is unlike anything I've created before," says Blake. "The SUV is packed with tons of advanced technology, and it was an entertaining exercise to integrate things like ultrasonic parking sensors into the puzzles and clues that are iconic to the game."

Explore the cutting-edge features available in the new Escape here at Motor Mile Ford, or browse other new Ford vehicles for sale in Christiansburg.

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