Which Ford Models in Christiansburg Contain Soy?

In 2000, Debbie Mielewski was working for Ford Motor Company when she had an innovative new idea: make vehicle materials using plants instead of petroleum oil.

"Literally, we were told over and over it could not be done," Mielewski remembers. "I always say we got thrown out of every conference room in the company. But I believed we had a responsibility to do it."

Using plant-based materials could have several advantages. Mielewski, now the Senior Technical Leader of Materials Sustainability at Ford, was inspired by the potential environmental benefits. Company founder Henry Ford believed in doing it to give farmers a new source of revenue. Industry leaders caught on, says Mielewski, "in 2007, when oil prices spiked at over $160 a barrel."

Ford's first veggie-based material to go into production was soy foam, which since 2011 can be found in nearly all new Ford vehicles in Christiansburg. Whether your reasons are economic, environmental, or purely comfort-based, you're certain to love the soy-foam seating in our showroom at Motor Mile Ford.

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