Ford F-150 sets the pace to break sales records in 2018!

At Motor Mile Ford, we don't like to boast. After all, with an inventory full to brimming with attractive new Ford models, we like to let our cars, trucks, and SUVs' strengths speak for themselves.s That being said, every so often a piece of news comes to our attention that's just too cool not to share.

Today just happens to be one of those days, and we're happy to report that the new Ford F-150 is on track to break sales records this year!

Ford has seen a 4.9 percent increase in pickup truck sales in the past month, marking significant year-over-year sales gains. Of course, these strong sales are largely driven by the equally strong Ford F-150. With its uncompromising power, versatile cargo box demonstrated in the video above, and the myriad of available equipment and trims available, the Ford F-150 truly sets the standard for the pickup truck segment.

Of course, we could go on and on about how the strong sales and stronger performance credentials of the new Ford F-150 make it an industry leader, but if you'd like to truly see if it’s the right truck for you, a test drive is the first order of business. So, feel free to swing by our showroom in Christiansburg, VA to test drive the new Ford F-150 at your earliest convenience.

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